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Nursing home neglect blamed for death of a woman

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2017 | Nursing Home Neglect |

When individuals reside in a care facility, they leave their well-being in the hands of another. Nursing homes in New Mexico admit new patients every day, with the promise of a certain quality of care. When this standard is not met, patients often suffer as a result. A facility in another state has been accused of nursing home neglect after the death of a former resident.

A lawsuit has been filed against the facility by the executor of the woman’s estate. He claims that during her stay at the facility, her health began to deteriorate. She had been at the nursing home for about a month when she had to be transferred to a hospital, where she passed away less than a day later.

Reportedly, the cause of death was sepsis and pneumonia. The executor claims that she developed these conditions while at the facility, due to its failure to provide her with adequate monitoring and care. Similar establishments are often made aware of a person’s medical conditions and needs upon arrival. If a nursing home is found to have been negligent in providing the care a patient requires, resulting in his or her death, it may be held accountable.

If a person has lost a loved one under similar circumstances, a claim against the facility deemed negligent may be appropriate. Proving nursing home neglect can be challenging, prompting many to seek legal counsel for assistance in the process. When facing a similar situation, many people in New Mexico speak with an experienced attorney for advice on how to file a claim through the civil justice system.

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