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Death of an elderly woman possibly due to nursing home neglect

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2017 | Nursing Home Neglect |

When being admitted to a nursing home, patients expect to receive a certain quality of care. Patients in New Mexico in this situation are often unable to take care of themselves and require constant monitoring. Failure to provide this type of care can result in serious injury to a patient and, in some cases, death. In a recent accident, an establishment is being accused of nursing home neglect resulting in the death of an elderly woman.

The patient was suffering from Alzheimer’s when she was admitted to the facility. Many patients who are diagnosed with this disease require constant attention. After a recent examination, a physical therapist determined that the woman should be accompanied by a staff member at all times when walking to prevent an accident from occurring. Later that day, the woman was seen walking alone, and nearby workers failed to intervene. With the aide of a walker, the patient manage to open the front door of the facility before falling to the pavement outside.

Witnesses say the woman was found face down in a pool of blood. She was taken to a hospital but two days later died due to injuries sustained. An autopsy performed on the deceased showed signs of cranial fracture, which contributed to her death. An accident of this nature may have been prevented if the facility had provided the patient with the care someone in her situation requires.

Watching a loved one suffer from a disease like Alzheimer’s can be difficult. Loosing that loved one to nursing home neglect may prove much more challenging to accept. Families of victims in this scenario may choose to seek financial restitution for medical and funeral costs through the civil justice system. Many families in New Mexico who are facing a similar situation speak with an attorney for advice on how to proceed with a claim against the negligent facility.

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