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Gammacore device may help those with serious injury to brain

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Brain Injury |

A small device is said to hold great promise for those suffering from traumatic brain injury in New Mexico and elsewhere. The device is known as the Gammacore. It works by sending electrical impulses two times a day through the skin of a person who has suffered a serious injury to the brain.

Devices that can be implanted in the body have already been in use to stimulate nerves for people with seizures, but the Gammacore is unique in that it does not require surgery. The Gammacore is about the same size as a card deck and specifically stimulates a patient’s Vagus nerve. Just two minutes of treatment two times a day is necessary when using this new device.

Doctors in Europe are already using this type of treatment for treating cluster headaches and migraines. Doctors in the United States believe it will prove helpful for brain injury victims because the brain conditions of those with migraines are similar to those suffering from depression and pain as a result of traumatic brain injuries. If the Gammacore treatment is able to replace pain medications, it is expected to help to curb addiction to the types of prescription painkillers given to brain injury victims.

Serious injury to the brain can be life changing, often causing mood swings and the inability to process information appropriately. However, if a traumatic brain injury was the result of another person’s negligence, the victim has the right to file a lawsuit against the allegedly at-fault party, seeking the reimbursement of damages. If liability is established to the satisfaction of a civil court in New Mexico, then claims for damages will be determined.

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