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January 2017 Archives

Vape pen explosions may cause serious injury

Many people in New Mexico have taken up vaping as arguably a healthier alternative to smoking. While some use e-cigarettes as an interim between smoking and quitting, others simply enjoy the sensation of vaping.  Recently, however, vape pens have been blamed for a serious injury nearly once a week, and medical experts are issuing urgent warnings.

Disabled child suffers serious injury after feeding tube mistake

Parents of children with special needs may be particularly reluctant to entrust the care of their children to just anyone. In fact, parents in New Mexico may carefully research or investigate potential caregivers to ensure their fragile children are protected from an accident or serious injury caused by negligence. One woman is dealing with just such a tragedy after her 10-year-old daughter was permanently injured by allegedly untrained staff at her school.

Gammacore device may help those with serious injury to brain

A small device is said to hold great promise for those suffering from traumatic brain injury in New Mexico and elsewhere. The device is known as the Gammacore. It works by sending electrical impulses two times a day through the skin of a person who has suffered a serious injury to the brain.

Woman alleges nursing home neglect led to husband's death

A man in another state died in a nursing home, and his surviving wife claims it was due to the negligence of the facility. She has filed a lawsuit against the home, alleging nursing home neglect. Those in New Mexico who lose a loved one due to nursing home's failure to prevent falls, or other neglect or abuse, may choose to seek full financial accountability from the nursing home.

Serious injury to the brain may cause sleeping problems

After suffering a traumatic brain injury, an accident victim may have significant difficulty sleeping. This difficulty includes changes in the sleep/wake cycle, creating issues for those affected in New Mexico and across the country. New research suggests that recovering from both serious injury to the brain and sleeping problems takes place in parallel.

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