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Nursing home neglect suit filed after man’s father dies

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2016 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Losing a loved one in New Mexico due to a nursing center’s neglect is grounds for legal action. One man in another state claimed that a couple of nursing homes that were charged with caring for his father offered substandard care, leading to his father’s death. The son has filed a nursing home neglect lawsuit against the centers.

According to the complaint, the father was a patient at one center for several days. While there, his father reportedly suffered various injuries, including a spinal fracture and skin breakdown. The son asserted that his father ended up experiencing a decline in both his physical and mental health.

After the father was transferred to another facility, his condition allegedly continued to worsen. He is said to have become dehydrated and suffered from sepsis before dying. According to the complaint, the father’s death was the result of the facilities’ negligence and failure to monitor him properly. The complaint alleges reckless misconduct, wrongful death, statutory violations and negligence.

The man seeks a trial by jury, along with legal expenses, compensatory damages and punitive damages. Punitive damages are sometimes awarded in cases where the evidence establishes egregious fault. Monetary compensation in a nursing home neglect case that is fought successfully in New Mexico cannot undo the events leading to a nursing home resident’s death. However, it may help the surviving loved ones of the deceased victim to more easily move forward with their lives, experience some sense of closure in the ordeal and help to prevent other similar tragedies in the future.

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