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March 2016 Archives

Woman files nursing home neglect suit following husband's death

Losing a loved one due to the negligence of a nursing home, whether in New Mexico or elsewhere, is grounds for litigation. One widow in a recent out-of-state case asserted that her elderly husband died after staying at a particular home for six months. She has filed a wrongful death suit against the corporate owner of the nursing home, alleging nursing home neglect.

Serious injury to brain linked to mild cognitive impairment

Based on new research, it appears that traumatic brain injury is related to an increased risk as well as the earlier onset of a mild level of cognitive impairment. According to researchers, people in New Mexico and other states who suffered serious injury to the brain and lost consciousness for over five minutes face a higher risk of being giving a mild cognitive impairment diagnosis. The people in one recent study additionally showed signs of this type of impairment, also known as MCI, more than two years earlier on average when compared to people without a history of traumatic brain injury.

Nursing home neglect may occur due to poor staff training

Nursing homes in New Mexico offer services that require a reasonable degree of care with regard to meeting the needs of residents. However, sometimes nursing home neglect happens, which can lead to serious injuries to patients. In some cases, it can even lead to death.

Serious injury to the brain has many potential causes

Traumatic brain injury is damage done to the brain as a result of an outside force. Around 2.5 million deaths, emergency room visits and hospitalizations related to serious injury to the brain took place in 2010, of which a number were in New Mexico. Of the total in the United States, over 50,000 people passed away due to traumatic brain injuries.

Nursing home neglect blamed for grandfather's death

When New Mexico nursing homes fail to fulfill their responsibility to care for their residents properly and thus cause their residents to die, the deceased residents' family members have the right to take legal action against the facilities. In one out-of-state case, a man has decided to file a nursing home neglect suit against a nursing facility due to its alleged negligence in caring for his grandfather. His grandfather died while in the nursing home's care.

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