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Serious injury, death of child may stem from medical negligence

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2016 | Child Injury |

The health care industry, just like many other sectors, has experienced major changes in its structure and operation over the years. For this reason, administrators at hospitals in New Mexico face the same types of challenges that leaders do at other large businesses. Their efforts to control costs and achieve projected revenues, however, may result in medical negligence. Sadly, it sometimes results in the serious injury or death of a child.

Companies across the country today have the mentality of doing more with less, and this idea is being promoted at hospitals as well. This could result in unwise decisions that are based on the bottom line of a hospital instead of on the quality of the care being provided to patients. Hospital employees, including doctors and nurses, who are careless and cause harm to a patient may be found financially responsible through the civil court system.

Hospital personnel might not admit to making mistakes that lead to injuries or the death of a loved one. An attorney, however, can work with to help to document any negligence that occurred. They may also be able to expose the violations of standard medical treatment protocols mandated by the state.

Medical malpractice cases affecting children may range from the failure to treat or diagnose an illness to infections and lost medical records. Other errors that hospitals may make when caring for children involve radiology, anesthesia, medication or surgical errors. Post-operative care is another flash point for concern. An attorney in New Mexico can review and investigate an individual case to determine if grounds exist for a malpractice lawsuit involving the serious injury or death of a child.