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February 2016 Archives

Serious accident may lead to moderate or serious brain injuries

Moderate brain injuries are more serious than concussions. This type of brain injury occurs when an external force -- for example, a violent jolt or blow -- causes a person's brain to operate differently than it should. In New Mexico and other states, a serious accident, assault or a fall are some of the most common reasons for moderate brain injuries.

Nursing home neglect allegedly led to woman's death

Nursing homes in New Mexico do not always exercise care when tending to patients, which may unfortunately lead to a resident's death. One woman in another state has died due to alleged nursing home neglect. Her death has sparked a lawsuit filed against the nursing and rehab facility responsible for her care.

Serious injury to the brain linked to suicide risk

Adults in New Mexico who have suffered concussions have a three times higher likelihood of committing suicide compared to the remainder of the population. This is the finding of new research that was recently published. Curiously, the suicide risk was greater for people who suffered serious injury to the brain on a weekend.

Serious injury, death of child may stem from medical negligence

The health care industry, just like many other sectors, has experienced major changes in its structure and operation over the years. For this reason, administrators at hospitals in New Mexico face the same types of challenges that leaders do at other large businesses. Their efforts to control costs and achieve projected revenues, however, may result in medical negligence. Sadly, it sometimes results in the serious injury or death of a child.

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