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2 nursing home neglect suits filed against nursing facility

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2016 | Nursing Home Neglect |

When families place their loved ones in nursing homes, they expect them to be properly cared for around the clock. Unfortunately, patient neglect is a real problem in nursing homes across the country, including in New Mexico. One nursing home in another state faces two lawsuits alleging nursing home neglect.

One of the lawsuits was filed in September 2015 by a woman who alleged that her grandmother passed away because of the neglect she suffered while living at the home. The second lawsuit was recently filed by a man who alleged that his dad died in the nursing home due to the facility’s neglect. The father had a history of dementia, a seizure disorder, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and delusional psychosis.

Due to the man’s medical conditions, he required medical attention, supervision and close monitoring. The son asserted that his dad developed pressure sores due to  limited mobility. The man additionally suffered from dehydration, malnutrition and weight loss. The same thing allegedly happened to the grandmother of the plaintiff in the other lawsuit; she also developed bed sores and suffered from weight loss, along with dehydration and malnutrition.

Many in New Mexico are increasingly dependent on nursing homes to protect the health and well-being of their parents and/or grandparents. When nursing home neglect occurs and leads to the death of a patient, the surviving loved ones typically have the right to file a claim for financial damages against the party or parties believed responsible, including the the facility. Claims for damages will be adjudicated once liability is properly established before the court.

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