Avoid Child Injury By Keeping New Mexico Homes Safe

Children who are too young to know the inherent dangers of many common household items can get hurt very easily in the average home. It is, therefore, wise for all New Mexico residents to take an inventory of their homes to see if they have any dangerous items that need to be put away and/or secured so that any visiting children will not have access to them. This could prevent a life-threatening child injury.

Cleaning products are some of the most dangerous items for children, so it is vital that these items are locked away and out of reach. Remember that children like to explore the nooks and crannies of a home; therefore, unsecured items found in the garage or second-floor bathrooms could still pose a threat. Children do not even have to ingest a lot of these products to be harmed. Many of them can burn the skin or eyes, and even cause blindness.

Young children could also encounter dangers when playing with older children due to the risks associated with an older child’s toys. While these toys might not pose any kind of a threat to an older child, they might have small removable parts on which a younger child could choke. For this reason, in homes in which older children are living, remove any possibly unsafe toys from reach if a younger child will be visiting.

Other seemingly innocuous items could also pose risks to young children. Some of these items might include the random contents found inside a handbag, toxic plants, poisonous trees and flowers, and dishwasher and laundry pods. Last year, for example, a baby died after eating a laundry pod — a tragedy that could have been avoided.

New Mexico homeowners should be aware that they could be held liable if a child is injured by a dangerous item found on his or her property. Every child injury case is different, and its unique facts must be reviewed to determine the viability of a particular case. However, if it is determined that the accident victim was hurt as a result of the homeowner’s negligence, the victim’s parents or guardian will likely have the right to pursue financial damages in court.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Unexpected Home Hazards That Send Too Many Kids To The ER“, Dr. Vatsala Bhaskar, Feb. 16, 2015

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