Excellent Health Care Needed To Avoid Birth Injuries

Awaiting the arrival of a new baby is both an exciting and stressful time for new parents. Pregnant parents are generally aware of the importance of excellent health care to ensure their baby is born healthy and will put their trust in their team of healthcare workers. New Mexico parents under the care of a team of medical professionals focused on what is best for mother and baby may forget that things can go wrong, even at birth.

There are times when birth defects are not noticed by doctors and when the baby arrives parents have to face the news. Birth defects are something that happened during the pregnancy, usually at the beginning of a pregnancy, and are something that cannot be prevented. However, birth injuries may occur during the delivery process. Birth injuries are preventable and would generally occur when a mistake is made.

Birth injuries may happen because the medical personnel did not notice signs of distress during the delivery, handled the baby incorrectly during the delivery, did not do a cesarean or performed the operation too late, or purely because of human error. The prescription of medicine or drugs unsafe for pregnant mothers may also lead to birth injuries. When such mistakes are made, it is considered medical negligence.

While some birth injuries can be rectified, in other cases that is not possible. In cases where the birth injury is permanent, new parents do not only have to come to terms with the fact that their long-awaited child may be physically or mentally impaired but are also faced with the financial implications that come along with the impairment. New Mexico parents with a child who suffered birth injuries due to the negligence of a healthcare worker may benefit from consulting with an attorney to establish their position. A successfully litigated medical negligence case cannot change their circumstances, but it can lighten the financial burden on the family.

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