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Nursing home neglect, abuse claims may be filed in certain cases

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Nursing Home Neglect |

People who place their loved ones in nursing homes naturally expect their family members to be taken care of in a reasonable manner. At times, however, nursing homes fail to fulfill this duty. When a resident suffers an injury due to a nursing home’s carelessness, this is grounds for a nursing home neglect or abuse lawsuit in New Mexico.

Nursing facilities are charged with keeping their facilities reasonably safe as well as free of dangers. For instance, if a home leaves a cleaning cart that is filled with chemicals unlocked or unattended and residents drink these chemicals, the nursing facility may be held liable. Nursing facilities may also be held liable for abusive conduct that causes injuries to a resident.

Nursing homes may also be sued if they fail to provide appropriate treatment to residents that meets the standards of care in light of the residents’ particular circumstances. The case may be brought against the facility itself and/or against the medical professional who inappropriately treated the facility’s resident. Nursing homes that accept Medicare have special federal regulations that they must follow, including ensuring that all residents receive proper supervision and assistance so as to prevent injury accidents from happening. If this does not happen, the nursing homes may face litigation.

When residents are injured at nursing home facilities, it is not necessarily always apparent what went wrong or who may be responsible legally. Proper legal guidance may help people to navigate the nursing home neglect or abuse claims process when their loved ones have been injured at care facilities. A thorough understanding of what type of evidence must be furnished to establish liability in these types of cases will likely be necessary to prevail in New Mexico.

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