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Nursing home neglect suit filed against facility after man dies

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Nursing homes in New Mexico have a huge responsibility to make sure that their residents’ needs are adequately met. Sometimes, however, they fail in this responsibility. One nursing home in a recent out-of-state case has been blamed for the death of an elderly man. The man’s son has decided to file a nursing home neglect suit against the facility.

The man said that his father, 75, lived at the facility between May of 2012 and December of 2013. The plaintiff said his father was at risk for falling and needed help with mobility while at the home. However, while there, he was allegedly permitted to wander from the building.

According to the complaint, the man suffered multiple falls. Some falls required him to go to a medical center. The man ultimately passed away after being taken to the hospital due to his breaking his leg. The plaintiff is seeking over $50,000 as part of his lawsuit against the nursing home.

Individuals in New Mexico can find comfort in the fact that a nursing home may be held accountable in civil court for failing to exercise care when tending to its patients. When a loved one dies as a result of nursing home neglect, the deceased person’s family members have the right to file a lawsuit, pursuing damages that — if achieved — may help to cover expenses linked to the documented neglect incident, such as hospital costs. A monetary award might also help address emotional distress and pain and suffering caused by the situation.

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