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May 2015 Archives

Surgical error can result in serious injury to children

When a parent entrusts his or her child to the care of a physician in order for the child to undergo a necessary surgical procedure, he or she has the right to reasonably assume that medical personnel will take every precaution to protect the safety of the child. Surgical errors occur in various hospitals throughout the nation, including some in New Mexico. Serious injury can result to a patient when a member of the surgical team makes a mistake.

Serious injury to the brain may cause new abilities to develop

Life-altering brain injuries can be sustained by New Mexico residents after many different types of accidents. In many people, traumatic brain injuries have negative impacts on their abilities to remember information, and sufferers may also experience mood changes or sensory issues. However, researchers have found that a serious injury to the brain has actually positively impacted the lives of a small number of people through what is known as acquired savant syndrome.

Pediatric dentist faces allegations of causing serious injury

Because children are so vulnerable, parents are naturally concerned when their children need medical or dental care. New Mexico parents whose children are exposed to negligence or violations of treatment protocols as mandated by the state have the right to take legal action if their children suffered serious injury during medical procedures. Parents in another state recently filed a class action against a pediatric dentist, alleging that he inflicted pain and torture to their children and mutilated and humiliated them.

Rapid decline and death leads to claim of nursing home neglect

Losing a loved one, regardless of whether the death was due to an accident or natural causes, is a traumatic experience for anybody. If the death was caused by the errors of skilled nursing home personnel, the trauma is escalated. New Mexico residents who must have elderly family members admitted to facilities where around-the-clock treatment is provided may agree that the standard of care is their primary concern. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is often the subject of charges filed against facilities that profess to provide skilled care for the elderly.

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