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Can flash-bang grenades cause serious injury?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2015 | Burn Injury |

A newly published study has taken a close look at the safety of flash-bang grenades. According to the study’s results, flash-bang grenades — which are used by police as crowd-control tools — could result in serious injury and even death. Also referred to as “stun grenades,” police often use the devices during drug raids and riot situations. It is possible that they are even being used in New Mexico.

In 2010, a woman in a Midwestern state suffered catastrophic burns during a police raid that used flash-bang grenades. The authorities who used the grenades said that the incident was an accident. When the woman filed suit, the case concluded with $1 million in restitution paid to the victim. In another incident dating back to 1989, an elderly couple was killed due to a fire that a police grenade caused.

Unfortunately, these and other issues have not served to lower the frequency with which police use flash-bang grenades, the study says. It will certainly be interesting to see if police will change their grenade usage in the coming years, though. In light of changing public opinion about police brutality and police violence in recent months, we may see more public outcry regarding police grenades in the future.

New Mexico residents who have suffered a serious injury due to a police grenade burn may have legal recourse to seek financial restitution in court. In fact, anyone who suffers a serious injury as a result of excessive police force may wish to investigate the viability of pursuing a personal injury claim. If successful, such a claim might be able to help victims pay for their medical care required to recover from their injuries.

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