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January 2015 Archives

Health care neglect during pregnancy may cause birth defects

Proper medical care during pregnancy is as important as the care provided during delivery. As in other states, New Mexico mothers likely rely on their obstetricians or gynecologists to adequately monitor their health care and the healthy development of their unborn children. Most women understand the dangers of taking drugs during pregnancy and would not expect their doctors to prescribe medication that is unsafe.

Protecting individuals from nursing home abuse in New Mexico

The average life expectancy for a person living in the United States is just shy of 79 years of age. Compared to 1950, that represents an increase of about 10 years. By 2025, many experts believe that life expectancy in our country will be over 80 years of age. With an increasing number of elderly individuals living in the United States, including in New Mexico, more Americans will require care in a nursing home. Regrettably, some of them may be at risk of nursing home abuse.

Can flash-bang grenades cause serious injury?

A newly published study has taken a close look at the safety of flash-bang grenades. According to the study's results, flash-bang grenades -- which are used by police as crowd-control tools -- could result in serious injury and even death. Also referred to as "stun grenades," police often use the devices during drug raids and riot situations. It is possible that they are even being used in New Mexico.

Child injury blamed on hospital mistakes in New Mexico

For most of us, it is not a life or death situation if we make a mistake on-the-job. In the case of doctors in New Mexico, the actions they take can save a life or end a life in an instant. A doctor's actions can heal a serious injury just as easily as any mistakes can cause catastrophic injuries. For this reason, physicians need to be supported with a professional support staff, appropriate equipment and smoothly operating medical facilities to provide the high-level services that are expected and deserved.

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