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New Mexico strip club shooting leads to serious injury and death

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2014 | Brain Injury |

A fight at a New Mexico strip club became deadly when one man pulled a gun and shot two other men. What seemed like a friendly arm wrestling match — that ended with the men hugging and making amends — later escalated in the parking lot. One man pulled his gun and discharged it. The shooting left one man dead and another man with a serious injury requiring hospital care.

According to police, long before pulling out his gun, the shooter challenged one of the men to an arm wrestling competition. At first, the man was said to have thought it was a joke and laughed at the request. The man persisted, though, so they arm wrestled three times. Then they hugged each other.

Next, the three men left the bar together and started fighting outside. A bouncer separated them, but later six shots were fired and the shooter — the one who requested the arm wrestle — sped away in his vehicle, leaving the other two men on the ground with gun wounds. The man who arm wrestled the shooter died at the scene and his friend was taken to the hospital. Authorities pursued and apprehended the shooter. The manager of the New Mexico club said that nothing like the incident had ever happened before.

Gun wounds can result in serious injury or brain injury in a heartbeat. New Mexico residents who suffer a bullet wound, and family members who lose a loved one killed by a gunman, may be able to pursue restitution in court. Indeed, if the gun was used intentionally given the circumstances of the shooting, or if it was discharged unintentionally as a result of negligence, victims could be entitled to financial relief for their medical care and other damages. Family members of deceased victims could be also be entitled to wrongful death compensation.

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