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Does cerebral palsy result from hospital mistakes?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2014 | Birth Injury |

A birth injury can result from a variety of causal factors, but the vast majority of New Mexico birth injury cases are related to cerebral palsy or Erbs palsy (Erbs palsy is also known as brachial palsy). Both of these medical conditions can be caused by hospital mistakes or other medical malpractice during child delivery. Cerebral palsy can also occur before the delivery takes place and even after the delivery. In this article, the definitions and causes of cerebral palsy will be discussed.

Cerebral palsy is actually a blanket term that describes a variety of disorders that result in hindered body movement and hindered brain functionality in a baby. Cerebral palsy usually implies some kind of brain injury that happened while the baby was gestating in the womb, while the baby was being delivered or at some point after the birth took place. A common cause of cerebral palsy involves a lack of oxygen to the brain.

A variety of hospital mistakes and medical malpractice errors can cause cerebral palsy. For example, the treating physician might not recognize that the baby needs oxygen and/or the need for Caesarean section might have been dangerously delayed. Harmful prescription drugs used during pregnancy could also induce cerebral palsy. Birth induced head trauma could result in bleeding inside the baby’s brain, which can result in palsy. Finally, a premature birth could also have been the cause.

Symptoms of cerebral palsy vary and could take some time to show up after birth. They might include slow muscle development relating to rolling over, smiling, crawling and talking. Decreased or abnormal muscle tone, floppy limbs, bad posture, vision problems and bad coordination could also be signs of cerebral palsy. New Mexico parents who suspect that their baby may be suffering from cerebral palsy should visit their pediatrician immediately. They may also wish to consult with a personal injury attorney to evaluate the viability of pursuing a claim for damages if their baby has, indeed, suffered a birth injury attributable to hospital mistakes or related medical malpractice.

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