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New Mexico family members can help stop elder abuse

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2014 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Most Americans will live to be approximately 79 years of age. However, average life expectancies have been rising steadily since 1950. Ten years from now, the average lifespan for individuals living in New Mexico and the rest of the United States should be more than 80. With more elderly people in the Untied States, we must be on alert for any instances of elder abuse happening to the ones we love.

Considering that more people are living longer, and with the baby boomer generation growing older, more individuals are living in nursing homes in order to get the medical care and attention they need. Families use nursing homes to help keep their loved ones safe and well taken care of. Nevertheless, many nursing homes are not providing this care as they are required to. Indeed, numerous individuals are becoming the victims of nursing home neglect and elder abuse and the results can be deadly.

The Harvey & Foote Law Firm, LLC is devoted to advocating aggressively for the rights of elder abuse victims and their families. Our firm seeks to obtain the maximum level of compensation for victims. This compensation can help an abuse victim pay for his or her medical care. It can also help family members pay for end of life expenses and other costs in the tragic event of a death.

Unfortunately, elderly individuals can find themselves subjected to elder abuse in hospitals, nursing homes and other types of medical facilities. This is why it is important for family members to watch for any signs of neglect or abuse. Unexplained bruises, complaints from a loved one and other signs could be a reason suspect that such abuse is occurring. When a suspicion arises, contact your loved one’s doctor immediately. Some New Mexico families may also wish to discuss their cases with the legal professionals at the Harvey & Foote Law Firm, LLC, who are experienced in dealing with such matters.

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