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Caregiver convicted, sentenced for nursing home abuse

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2014 | Nursing Home Neglect |

A nursing home staff member has been found guilty of abusing a patient at a nursing home in the northwest. A judge found the woman guilty and sentenced the woman on a recent Wednesday. The nursing home abuse was discovered by the victim’s family, who videotaped the mistreatment by way of a hidden video camera in the woman’s room. Although this case did not happen in New Mexico, victims in this state can seek justice and legal remedies if they have been subjected to nursing home abuse.

According to the victim’s son, his family decided to install the video camera after he saw bruises on his mother’s arms and mouth and noticed that she was constantly in a state of fright. The video footage recorded by the camera showed the man’s mother being verbally abused. The 60-year-old nursing home attendant is also seen putting her hand on top of the woman’s mouth. She is even shown pouring water into the woman’s feeding tube.

The victim’s son said that rather than leaving his mother be, the abuser intentionally hurt his mother. The woman’s daughter said that she hoped nursing home reform would be forthcoming and that no one will ever have to experience the kind of abuse to which her mother was subjected. As punishment, the offending caregiver has been sentenced to 10 years, six of which were suspended.

The abused woman in this case may have a valid claim for damages if she and her family choose to pursue a personal injury claim related to the nursing home abuse. Indeed, victims of nursing home abuse in New Mexico and elsewhere have powerful laws on their side to protect them from such mistreatment. These laws not only serve to punish abusers, but in some cases they can also support victims’ claims for financial restitution for their injuries.

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