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Food truck explosion causes serious injury

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2014 | Burn Injury |

A food truck recently burst into flames in a dramatic explosion that occurred in a northeast state. Thirteen people were injured in the blast and required hospital treatment, and at least one suffered serious injury after being burned over much of her body. According to authorities, a leaky propane tank caused the accident. It is because of propane explosion accidents like this one that New Mexico residents and business owners are always encouraged to check the safety of their gas lines and propane tanks.

Following the explosion in the instant accident, authorities investigated the charred remains of the food truck and discovered that two 100-pound gas tanks were providing fuel to the grills that the lunch truck used to cook its food. One of the tanks was not being used, but authorities believe that tank had a leak in it. Witnesses claim they smelled propane just before the explosion caused a sweeping fireball to envelop the entire street and go high into the air.

Allegedly, a cloud of propane vapor had surrounded the truck and was ignited by the grill. When a SEPTA officer arrived on scene after watching the explosion, he said he found victims in the street and one of them was on fire. Now, a total of five individuals are still at the hospital in critical condition.

When a serious injury is caused by an explosion in New Mexico, the first thing authorities try to determine is what happened and who or what business entity is at fault. When fault is determined, then the victims may be able to use that evidence to pursue personal injury damages in court. The most important aspect of a successfully pursued personal injury claim is that victims can often obtain vital financial assistance to help them pay for the costs of their medical care.

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