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July 2014 Archives

Why the elder abuse act needs to be funded

According to a study completed in 2010, approximately 5 million Americans in New Mexico and other parts of the nation are victimized by elder abuse each year. This elder abuse results in approximately $5 billion in extra medical expenditures to treat the victims’ injuries. Further, those who suffer from this kind of abuse have triple the chance of being hospitalized and quadruple the chance of being put in a nursing home.

Nursing home neglect an increasing concern as boomers age

Statistics point to the fact that the elderly population of the United States is growing. In the next 30-plus years, the population of individuals over the age of 65 is set to increase above 83 million. Due to the fact that our elderly population is growing, more and more individuals may be requiring nursing home services. For this reason, it is vital that authorities in New Mexico and other regions of the United States strive to ensure that our loved ones are being cared for with the best possible services at nursing homes, and that nursing home neglect is avoided at all costs.

Nursing home abuse blamed for resident's death

New Mexico is home to many different nursing facilities that, when run properly, offer a vital service to our state’s elderly population. However, not all nursing homes function in a way that benefits their residents. Indeed, the nursing home abuse and neglect that takes place daily in some of these facilities is both inhumane and dangerous to the lives of the people who call these facilities home.

Food truck explosion causes serious injury

A food truck recently burst into flames in a dramatic explosion that occurred in a northeast state. Thirteen people were injured in the blast and required hospital treatment, and at least one suffered serious injury after being burned over much of her body. According to authorities, a leaky propane tank caused the accident. It is because of propane explosion accidents like this one that New Mexico residents and business owners are always encouraged to check the safety of their gas lines and propane tanks.

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