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Man suffers permanent damages after helicopter crashes on his car

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2014 | Burn Injury |

New Mexico residents who suffer serious burn injuries have a long and often painful road ahead of them to recovery. Not only are permanent damages and disfigurement a possible outcome of burn injuries, but the medical expenses for getting the care one needs can be astronomical. Indeed, many individuals are still lacking in health insurance and cannot afford the high costs of medical care associated with a burn injury.

In one recent accident that occurred in another state, a burn victim was forced to drag himself out of his flaming vehicle after a new helicopter crashed on top of it. The victim had been driving to work at the time when the chopper struck his car. Whether it is for better or worse, the victim of the accident cannot remember anything surrounding the event.

Two costly surgeries have now been performed on the man. Skin grafts have been placed along his torso and arm. Doctors are hopeful that burns along the man’s face will recover on their own. Surgeons say that his release date from the hospital will depend on how his facial wounds heal.

The injured man is a father and eager to return home to his family, with whom he enjoys gardening and being outdoors. Like others who suffer serious and permanent damages due to the fault of another person in New Mexico, this man may also wish to pursue a personal injury claim against the news agency that smashed into his car with their helicopter. Whether the crash was caused by negligence or some other pilot error, the news company may be liable to pay for the man’s medical care and other damages. He and his family may also be able to obtain money for the intense pain and suffering and loss of income they may have to deal with during this difficult time.

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