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Latest GM recall could help prevent more serious injury

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2014 | Burn Injury |

New Mexico drivers tend to trust that the cars they are driving are safe and well-made, regardless of the make and model. However, many drivers of General Motors vehicles have been surprised to discover manufacturing defects relating to their cars. Even worse, some of these defects apparently caused serious injury and death to drivers and passengers.

Initially, 2014 recalls of General Motors vehicles included the Chevrolet Cobalt. Defects concerning the Cobalt’s ignition system have been blamed in 13 car-related deaths. However, in the latest round of recalls — which includes a variety of GM cars, SUVs and trucks — no deaths or injuries have as yet been reported by the defects.

The most recent recall includes various models of GM pickups, SUVs and compact cars. Allegedly, the pickup and SUV recall stems from a problem with the transmission system, which causes a leak of fluid. The fluid leak puts drivers at risk of having their truck catch on fire. The recall related to GM compact cars relates to the axle half-shaft located on the right front side of the car. Potentially, the half-shaft could break and affect the vehicle’s operator controls.

According to a spokesperson for GM, no serious injury or death has been caused by the defects that have spurred the latest round of recalls. Nevertheless, if drivers in New Mexico suspect that they or their loved ones have been injured as a result of a defect in a General Motors automobile, they may wish to pursue a personal injury claim against the manufacturer. Injured victims could be entitled to receive money to pay for their medical care to help them recover from injuries stemming from such an event.

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