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Group of seniors initiates nursing home neglect claims

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2014 | Nursing Home Neglect |

A small group of senior citizens have brought claims against a nursing home relating to nursing home neglect. Some of the litigants are veterans who say they experienced extreme nursing home neglect and abuse while residents at the facility. The nursing home that is at the center of this lawsuit is, thankfully, not located in New Mexico. It is known as Parklane West Healthcare Center.

Three different families have initiated claims of abuse against this health care facility. An attorney who is representing them recently gave a news conference during which she highlighted the repeated neglect and abuse that her clients were subjected to over the course of several years. For example, one family claims that their father (who is now deceased) suffered a bad fall, and it took 14 hours before he received any care for pain resulting from the accident.

According to the attorney, individuals with extreme bed sores, incontinence, skin breakdown and other serious maladies were left lying in bed without getting the treatment they required. A representative for the corporation that owns this Texas nursing home says that it is unable to provide a public statement in response to the allegations. However, the representative did say that the nursing home’s mission is to enrich its residents’ lives and serve them with integrity, respect and compassion.

Some nursing homes in New Mexico are also the subject of litigation regarding nursing home neglect and abuse. Victims are often unaware of their rights to pursue claims for financial redress. However, they do have rights and can seek financial restitution based upon evidence of negligence in with regard to the care of a nursing home patient.

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