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Out-of-state medical center fined for nursing home abuse

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2014 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Fines in the amount of $1,730 have been levied against an out-of-state nursing home regarding the physical abuse of its residents. The nursing home abuse allegations also include claims of verbal abuse and negligence relating to the failure to report rashes to doctors for multiple days. Patients in New Mexico are suffering from nursing home abuse and other atrocities as well. While the law is on the side of victims, many such cases go unreported, and the abuse may continue unchecked.

In this recent case, which resulted in the nursing home being fined, a witness claimed that a nurse’s aide treated one of the residents in a rough manner. Allegedly, the aide forcefully removed a resident’s pants, causing the resident to moan in pain. Additionally, a witness reported seeing a nursing assistant verbally abuse a resident with foul language.

Contrary to eyewitness reports, the nursing home claimed that its primary goal involved its residents’ well-being and safety. A spokesperson for the healthcare center claimed that it had a policy of zero tolerance toward abuse of all kinds. Nevertheless, additional claims pointed to allegations that doctors were not informed about two different residents who had been suffering from rashes for a period of six days, and one more resident for three days.

Nursing home abuse is a serious issue across the country, including in New Mexico. Because so many nursing home residents are incapable of complaining and/or are not aware that they have rights in the matter, this kind of abuse often continues unreported. Victims of neglect and abuse, however, have the ability to bring negligent and offensive nursing homes to justice. Indeed, beyond the $1,730 fine that the nursing home in the instant case must now pay to authorities, abused residents and their families may have the ability to seek financial restitution individually by filing a civil suit in court.

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