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Man suffers catastrophic injuries, death in New Mexico DUI crash

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents |

A man who was found guilty of causing a fatal DUI accident in 2006 was recently arrested and accused of causing another New Mexico drunk driving accident. In the previous incident, the man was charged with causing the catastrophic injuries to a motorcyclist, who ultimately died. In the most recent event, the man was involved in a head-on crash with another motorcycle, which had two people on board.

Prior to the accident, a witness notified authorities on two separate occasions about the allegedly drunk man. First, she called authorities, describing his erratic driving. Then she called authorities to report that he was fighting with a fellow neighbor.

The head-on accident, which occurred shortly after the neighbor’s complaint was made, claimed the life of a 51-year-old motorcyclist. It also caused serious injuries to the leg of the motorcyclist’s daughter. She is 11 years of age and was riding on the motorcycle with him.

After the accused driver was arrested, he allegedly confessed that he had been drinking alcohol before the crash. According to police, the man’s eyes were bloodshot, he was exhibiting slurred speech and his blood alcohol content tested at 0.16. Police say they were slow in responding to the neighbor’s initial complaints because they were busy with other emergencies

It is expected that this man will be charged with multiple criminal violations, most notably vehicular manslaughter and DWI. Unfortunately, no matter how many years this man could potentially spend behind bars for causing the catastrophic injuries and death in this New Mexico crash, it will not do anything to bring back the father who has died. Family members of the man, along with the young girl who injured her leg, may wish to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of a lawsuit brought against the alleged drunk driver. Such a lawsuit could provide them with restitution for pain and suffering, restitution for the loss of their family member, in addition to money to pay for the 11-year-old girl’s medical care.

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