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4-year-old awarded $32.8M for health care mistakes

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2014 | Birth Injury |

A 4-year-old in another state was recently awarded nearly $33 million from a panel of jurors. According to the toddler’s lawyer, the young girl suffered a birth injury as a result of health care mistakes. Although this case was tried in another state, babies in New Mexico are also at risk of suffering birth injuries due to the negligence or other wrongdoing of hospital staff.

In this case, the trial lasted for two weeks. According to the plaintiff, nurses neglected to inform doctors that the toddler’s heart rate was dropping, which ultimately resulted in the baby becoming a quadriplegic from severe cerebral palsy. The jury determined that the hospital and one of the nurses were not at fault. Rather, the blame was pinned on specific nurses.

According to the mother of the child, the money from the $32.8 million verdict will finance her daughter’s medical needs. They will also use it to pay for their daughter’s special education requirements. Due to the severity of the young girl’s injuries, she will require special care for the rest of her life.

The results of this lawsuit are certainly a positive development in the difficult life of this young girl who was injured from health care mistakes. Nevertheless, no amount of money will ever be sufficient to heal the permanent injuries suffered by this child, nor by other children who are catastrophically injured by health care mistakes in New Mexico. It is hoped that this and other lawsuits brought forward by the parents of children who suffer birth injuries attributable to medical negligence will motivate better safety procedures in hospitals to help guard against future mistakes.

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