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Minor brain injury may be serious injury in New Mexico accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2013 | Brain Injury |

The human body is complex and fragile, and sustaining any type of personal injury can cause devastating effects. Unfortunately, some types of serious injury, such as a brain injury, can mask itself or lead to larger problems after the fact. New Mexico residents may be interested in recent research that begins to confirm that even minor brain injuries can lead to significant abnormalities.

New technology, such as specialized magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices, are beginning to put the picture together of just how significantly minor brain injuries truly affect the brain. A recent study published in Neurology concluded with the author suggesting that concussions heal much differently than many people realize which could lead to overexertion before the brain has fully healed. The study author further states that because the pain is gone, does not mean that the injury has healed, but rather that it has entered a new stage of healing.

This particular recent study observed 50 people with concussions and 50 people without concussions. After two weeks, the participants who suffered a concussion still exhibited symptoms of a brain injury including headaches, dizziness and even anxiety and difficulty thinking. Four months following the injury, these symptoms were 27 percent less significant but were not completely gone. This data reiterates the importance of taking even minor head injuries seriously in any type of accident.

Like anywhere, accidents happen in New Mexico every day, for numerous reasons, and unfortunately, many of these accidents result in head or brain injuries. Readers who have suffered a head injury in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness may benefit from medical and legal support. Treatment of a serious injury can be lengthy and costly, but they do not have to be unduly burdensome. Accident victims in our state have the right to seek civil claims against any party deemed negligent leading to their serious injury. Successfully litigated claims can provide much-needed financial relief so that the victim can focus on making a complete recovery.

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