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November 2013 Archives

New Mexico car crash injures 4 in Espanola

State police are still investigating a serious car crash that sent four individuals to the hospital with varied injuries, according to local law enforcement. New Mexico police are piecing together the two-car accident that injured several children. Police have indicated that charges are pending once the investigation is complete.

New Mexico car accidents: Fatal crash kills 1, injures 2

Another life has been taken in a tragic New Mexico car accident. A sport utility vehicle was hit in the rear by a pickup truck on Highway 62. A passenger riding in the SUV, who was the husband of the female driver, was killed in the accident. Fatal car accidents like this one happen every day, and they are understandably tragic for the victims and their families.

New Mexico car accidents: Motorcyclist dies in tragic crash

Tragic car accidents happen every day in New Mexico, and the ones that involve motorcycles have the potential for being the worst. In car accidents where a motorcyclist collides with another vehicle, the biker is at an extreme disadvantage. Not only are bikers more difficult to see than car drivers, but they are unprotected and can easily suffer extreme injury or death when involved an accident.

New Mexico police department responsible for serious injury

New Mexico residents would like to believe that the police are there to protect and serve. Nobody ever wants to think a police officer could be responsible for a serious injury to a citizen -- more specifically a brain injury. However, a recent lawsuit from a New Mexico man shows otherwise. The man is suing the local police department for causing him to suffer a serious brain injury.

Baby suffers serious injury at the hands of ER nurse

New Mexico residents may or may not have heard last year about the three-month-old baby on the West Coast who suffered a third-degree burn at the hands of an emergency room nurse. The nurse was attempting to view the baby's veins in order to start an IV when the serious injury occurred. The hospital has been fined by the family's home state and the child's parents have filed a civil action.

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