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Woman claims serious injury in coffee-spill lawsuit

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2013 | Burn Injury |

Readers of this blog may remember a personal injury lawsuit dating back to 1992, which was filed against McDonalds with regard to customer who was burned by a cup of scalding hot coffee. The New Mexico woman who filed that burn injury case alleged that she suffered serious injury and McDonalds was liable. Ultimately, she was awarded $2.9 million in damages.

Recently, another action was filed against McDonalds on behalf of a customer who was burned by a cup of coffee. The woman says in her lawsuit that the scalding coffee caused her to suffer second-degree level burns. She ordered the coffee at a McDonalds drive-thru window and then spilled it on her lap.

The 74-year-old senior citizen’s lawsuit is seeking over $2 million in financial compensation for her injuries. She says that ever since being burned she has had difficulty sleeping. She claims that the burning sensation has not gone away since the accident occurred in Aug. 2012.

This case is certainly unique, and many New Mexico residents might consider it to be a frivolous lawsuit. However, studying this lawsuit can be beneficial to professionals who work in the field of personal injury litigation. Any out of court settlement reached in this case, and/or any final verdict issued by a panel of jurors, may inform potential litigants who wish to file similar actions as to their potential for success. Those who have suffered serious injury due to the negligence of another party may be eligible for compensation to help pay for their medical care, and to compensate them for pain and suffering, by filing a personal injury claim.

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