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Permanent damages caused by brain injuries in New Mexico

Many individuals have suffered a loss to quality of life as the result of a serious head injury. Brain injuries often vary in severity and can lead to permanent damages that may have a significant impact on a person's ability to perform daily tasks. Among certain age groups, falls and car accidents are some of the more common causes of similar injuries. Since symptoms can take time to appear, individuals in New Mexico who suffer a brain injury should seek immediate medical attention.

Man suffers permanent damages to brain after heart surgery

Patients who face surgery for a major health condition put their lives in the hands of others. Surgeons in New Mexico undergo numerous years of training and residency, and are expected to have the utmost diligence in the care and treatment of their patients. If a surgeon is negligent during a medical procedure, permanent damages to the health and well-being of the patient may result.

Traumatic brain injuries can cause permanent damages in children

People across the country suffer various degrees of injuries every day. Some of these require time to heal, but may not include any long-term damage. Others are more serious in nature, such as to the brain, which can lead to permanent damages. Those individuals in New Mexico who suffer any type of injury to the head or neck should be evaluated immediately, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Gammacore device may help those with serious injury to brain

A small device is said to hold great promise for those suffering from traumatic brain injury in New Mexico and elsewhere. The device is known as the Gammacore. It works by sending electrical impulses two times a day through the skin of a person who has suffered a serious injury to the brain.

Serious injury to the brain may cause sleeping problems

After suffering a traumatic brain injury, an accident victim may have significant difficulty sleeping. This difficulty includes changes in the sleep/wake cycle, creating issues for those affected in New Mexico and across the country. New research suggests that recovering from both serious injury to the brain and sleeping problems takes place in parallel.

New research affects those with serious injury to the brain

In New Mexico and elsewhere, traumatic brain injury is all too common. It can result from an accident such as a fall or a motor vehicle crash. These types of injuries can negatively impact a person cognitively and emotionally. New research has focused on the drop in blood pressure that may occur for some people with serious injury to the brain.

Lawsuit filed after girl suffers serious injury to the brain

A woman in another state recently filed a personal injury lawsuit, alleging that her daughter suffered a traumatic brain injury in a school bus accident. The bus accident ended up killing six students. Several other students were also injured in the crash. If a person suffers serious injury to the brain due to another person's negligent behavior, it constitutes grounds for litigation in New Mexico and other states.

Serious injury to the brain may be treated using stem cells

Brain injury can cause a person in New Mexico to suffer cognitive problems long term, such as being able to concentrate on tasks and learn new material. This type of injury can also negatively impact a person's mood and behavior. However, a clinical trial involving a cellular therapy for brain injury that involves using a person's brain cells is showing promise for the treatment of serious injury to the brain.

Antidepressant might help those with serious injury to brain

Traumatic brain injury may lead to depressive symptoms in patients in New Mexico. However, researchers recently determined that an antidepressant called sertraline might help to prevent these symptoms in those who have suffered serious injury to the brain. This was discovered through a college of medicine study conducted in another state.

Serious injury to the brain to be studied at new center

Over two million visits to the emergency room, along with hospitalizations and deaths, occur every year as a result of brain injury throughout the United States, including in New Mexico. Serious injury to the brain remains one of the most critical medical issues today, but it also continues to be an enigmatic one. However, in another state, a sports arena will serve as the new home for a center that will focus on the study of the brain and the nervous system.

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